Sizes and Prices


W x L x H             Description                                             Rent    

5x12x8         OUTSIDE DRIVE UP NON-CLIMATE           $ 75.00

8x10x8         OUTSIDE DRIVE UP NON-CLIMATE           $ 86.00

10x12x8       OUTSIDE DRIVE UP NON-CLIMATE           $110.00

10x14x8       OUTSIDE DRIVE UP NON-CLIMATE           $119.00

14x14x8       OUTSIDE DRIVE UP NON-CLIMATE           $128.00

14 x 16×8     OUTSIDE DRIVE UP NON-CLIMATE           $135.00

14x18x8       OUTSIDE DRIVE UP NON-CLIMATE           $162.00

These our average sizes, we also have smaller and larger units available.
Contact us for availability and location.