Storage Auctions

Storage auction dates are on the right side of the screen ———————————>

How Storage Auctions Work:

If you wish to participate in the auction you will need to visit the facility at 4599 NW HWY 70, Arcadia, FL 34266 and sign in. The auction begins at the scheduled time (see dates/times to the right) and everyone meets at the main office to begin. From there we go to the first unit being auctioned, the unit is opened up, everyone has a chance to walk by and view the unit but no entry is allowed. Once everyone has viewed the unit, the auctioneer will begin bidding on the unit. All units are cash only and there is a $75 cleaning deposit required — you have 72 hours to clean the unit out then your deposit will be returned.You can follow our auctioneer at to check for cancellations and the number of units being auctioned. The number of units being auctioned can change daily, so give our office a call at 863-993-2220 to verify.

Happy bidding!